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I have been a wildlife photographer in the Amazon and other regions of South America for over 20 years. My specialty is rare birds and their behavior, which requires a lot of sitting in hides for days on end in uncomfortable positions, and have been on the eternal quest for the right stool for this job! I have been through a lot of stools in my time, they eventually all break pretty quickly! Finding the Walkstool was about as important an equipment discovery as a new lens or a better camera - it is Swedish-made to stand the rough treatment (can handle a Volvo’s weight!!), can be used at full height or lower for a low camera position, has a very comfortable and quick-drying seat, folds down into a compact size and is lightweight for carrying. Plus the ingenious foot attachment stops it from sinking into the (ever present) rainforest mud. It is fairly priced, but it turns into an absolutely arbitrary expense when one thinks of the back-saving comfort, and don’t by the cheaper versions… they WILL break! I could have bought 4 of these with all the second-rate stools I have wasted my money on! I can fully recommend this stool for anyone who needs a portable stool, be it in the workshop, on an out-of-office job or any outdoor activity.

Murray Cooper

Note: Murrays photography has been published extensively, including National Geographic, Time, Natural History and other magazines, plus he is currently working on some rare birds for the BBC Planet Earth series



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